Kinds of Mobile Auto Detailing

Things to Know When Going to an Auto Detail Shop

When it comes to mobile auto detailing, there are a variety of approaches, labor levels, materials, and services available to choose from. The truth is, the majority of detailers still use the conventional clay bar, polish, and wax, while some utilize a more upscale, high-quality, and professional detailing service. Then, what are the many kinds of detailers? Read below to know more;


This is the most basic and popular level of car detailing. This safely removes light contaminants from a car. This includes clay and polish. But, it won’t remove heavy contaminants like tar and pollen. Some detailers even use a clay bar to remove light built-up contaminants on a car safely. And some detailers use a polish to protect a car’s paint finish safely. This is one of the most popular levels of car detailing.


Some of the most high-end and expert detailers utilize a combination of conventional polish and a clay bar to get their desired results. The vast majority of detailers will use this product solely to carefully remove heavy pollutants like tar and pollen that have built up. And give an added gloss while protecting the surface. However, it will not remove stubborn impurities such as bonded-on carnauba wax or sealer from the surface.

High-End Detail

This is a higher-end service that uses a finishing service of a higher-end, higher-quality and more professional caliber. This will successfully remove all of the light pollutants and the heavier built-up contaminants and offer a superior shine, protection, and correction. All bonded-on auto wax, sealants, and sealants will be removed from doing this.

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